When it comes to countertops, you have countless options to make your kitchen your own. When it comes to stone countertops specifically, the three main kitchen stone types we see in the New Jersey and New York City areas are Granite, Marble and Quartz. Not sure the difference? Keep reading!

granite countertop

Granite countertops are popular in NYC & NJ

Let’s start with Marble. As a natural stone, each slab of marble is unique and most commonly is seen in shades of white, cream, black, green and pink. Marble is the softest of the three stone types mentioned which can lead to can staining, etching or scratching, but being mindful can easily prolong the life of your marble countertops. Using coasters and cutting boards when cutting foods, wiping up spills immediately and staying away from vinegar-based cleaners will make a huge difference, and Fundamental Cleaning can help you keep your counters looking like new with our sealing and restoration capabilities

Granite, like marble, is a naturally mined stone, which keeps it unique as no two slabs are exactly the same and is mainly found in shades of white, black, brown, beige, blue and red. Granite is more scratch and stain resistant than it’s counterpart, but the same care should be taken towards Granite as Marble to preserve the beauty of the natural stone.

Quartz is unlike Granite and Marble when used for countertops as it is technically an engineered stone. Most slabs are over 90% pure quartz, but the rest is made of a mixture of pigment and resin that’s used to bind the crushed quartz together into a slab. This is done in a factory and gives many more options in regards to color and variation as each batch can be customized with different pigments and materials. Since Quartz is non-porous, it does not stain easily and it is highly scratch resistant, making it the most durable of the three stone types mentioned.

Each stone is beautiful in it’s own way, and you can be certain that Fundamental Cleaning is here for all of your stone care needs to keep your counters sparkling like the day they were installed.

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