Natural Stone Care


When you need the best possible care for your natural stone floors and surfaces, no one treats stone better than Fundamental Cleaning. Our natural stone care and restoration services in NYC include restoring traffic-worn floors, cleaning stone showers, repairing and cleaning countertops, and much more. We also work on fireplace surrounds, water features, and outdoor stone.

If you have natural stone, you know how precious it is. You want to keep it in the best shape possible. With the expert help of the Fundamental Cleaning team, you can do just that!

Natural Stone Care Services in Manhattan

Nothing looks better or works harder in your home or office than your natural stone surfaces. Whether you have elegant marble floors, stylish granite countertops, or a modern stone shower, these stone elements see a lot of wear and tear during use. While durable, stone can still sustain damage over time and will develop scratches, stains, dull spots, and even cracks if it isn’t properly cared for and maintained.

That’s why to keep any stone material functional and beautiful, you need help from the experts. Fundamental Cleaning offers comprehensive stone floor cleaning and stone restoration services that remove all grime, stains, etching, and imperfections from any residential or commercial stone surface. Our expert technicians understand the unique qualities and corresponding care of every type of construction stone so that you get the clean gleam you want every time with no risk of damage.

We use our knowledge and experience to choose only the most gentle but effective cleaning solutions and equipment for perfect stone restoration every time. That means soft mops and the right polishing pads to prevent damage while restoring stone floors, moisture-proof sealant on your travertine or granite, or any other treatment it takes to get your stone shining again. Don’t leave your natural stone care to amateurs. Get the job done right by the professionals at Fundamental Cleaning every time not matter what stone you have.


If your polished marble floor has lost its shine due to high-traffic and use, it can be revitalized to its original, beautiful state with our stone floor polishing service. If your marble countertops are scratched because someone forgot to use a cutting board or etched from sauces and acidic foods, we can restore them to look like new too.

We will clean, polish, hone, repair, or seal your marble so it shines and withstands use for many more years to come.

marble floor


Honed (matte finish) and polished travertine finishes sometimes need to be re-honed to remove scratches and etching and re-polished to bring out their shine. Brushed, saw cut, and tumbled travertine need to be professionally cleaned, and all travertine finishes should be sealed from time to time.

Fundamental Cleaning offers all of these services to keep your travertine looking like new.


The great thing about terrazzo is even if it’s been buried under the carpet or other flooring for years, or looks yellowed and ugly due to buildup and aging of topical coatings, its fundamental beauty is still there and can be restored by an experienced professional.

Don’t let amateurs attempt to clean or remove that buildup for you, as they could inadvertently damage your terrazzo further. Only the professionals like Fundamental Cleaning know how to best restore terrazzo floors of any condition.

Terrazzo floor


Granite is much harder than marble, which is why it’s used so much on countertops. When it does need restoration and repair, you need to call a professional that has the specialized knowledge to work on your granite. Many stone restoration contractors won’t touch it.

Fortunately, Fundamental Cleaning has the expertise to restore all of your granite surfaces. Whether it’s polished or thermo granite, we can repair cracks and chips, restore its shine, remove stains, and seal and protect it from further use and abuse so it’s preserved for the long haul.

granite countertop

Fundamental Cleaning for All of Your Stone Restoration Needs

While stone floors and countertops are the most popular uses for natural stone, many NYC homes and buildings feature stone materials elsewhere too. Do you have stone showers, fireplace surrounds, water features, or outdoor stone? If so, you know how dirty your stone can become and the damage it suffers over time from water, heat, and the elements.

If you are unsure how to properly clean any stone element or have noticed that it’s time for some refinishing or repairs, call the experts at Fundamental Cleaning for all of your natural stone care needs.

Expert Stone Cleaning and Restoration in NYC

Natural stone elements in your NYC home or business add a special touch of elegance and class, but only as long as they’re well-cared for. Stone has unique qualities that require professional treatment to keep it looking great long term.

When your stone is starting to look a little worse for wear or if you never want to let it get to that point, call the stone restoration experts at Fundamental Cleaning. We offer flexible, customized service and quality natural stone care that our New York clients have trusted for over a decade, all at a competitive rate.