Over a period of time, all natural stone will lose some of its original shine due to normal wear. Here at Fundamental Cleaning, we can give your floor a makeover and protect your investment. By using only the finest materials, the best techniques and lots of care we can strip and polish all types of natural stone to bring them back to their original shine. We can even repair some damage and give advice on the best maintenance for your specific floors.

We clean, seal and polish all types of natural stone including granite, travertine, flagstone, limestone, sandstone, slate and marble which provides :

• Long-term protection
• Ongoing maintenance
• Marble and stone damage repair & mitigation
• Restoration


On top of cleaning & polishing we offer a variety of  special services including:

Stain Prevention Treatments
We can clean and reseal stone floors to prevent further staining. We use the finest materials consistent with your stone.

Natural Stone Color Enhancement
We have the experience to enhance the color of your existing stone and restore its luster. We can create a matte finish or a gloss finish, darkening of the stone or creation of an “antique” finish. Any color can be intensified.

Marble & Stone Damage Repair
We repair physical damage such as pitting, chipped stone or disturbed/decaying grout. We are experts in all aspects of stone correction.

Stone Maintenance Advice
Maintenance of stone and tile can be overlooked. The most common misconception is that, when the stone is fitted and sealed, no further care is required. We can advise you on what to do next. We can recommend the right products for day to day cleaning and long-term maintenance.

Marble & Granite Stain Removal
Even on a sealed floor, fluid contaminants left on the floor for more than 30 minutes may produce discoloration. We can clean stone affected by red wine stains, citrus-based stains, oil and grease marks, cement films, residual grout stains, plaster stains, efflorescence and general dirt.

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