Do you have stone floors that you’d like to restore but are hesitant because you’re not sure how it’ll affect your home or business? If so, you’re not alone! Many people think stone restoration will be noisy, messy and take too long, leaving you without the use of your kitchen, living room, or bathroom for several days. In actuality, most of our projects are completed in a day or two!

Our carefully trained professionals take great care in masking  and protecting surrounding flooring, and cabinetry before we start, and the work is normally no louder than a vacuum cleaner! 

We provide all types of services from residential stone floor and counter restoration, to commercial floor care and maintenance, often all having the same low impact on your home or business.

With spring upon us, you can’t use the weather to put off the restoration of your stone countertops and floors anymore. Marble, terrazzo and natural stone, like everything else, took a beating this winter, no matter how careful you were. Sand and salt gets trekked in and your natural stone floors get etched and scratched. So whether they were damaged from the winter or have simply seen too many years without a refinishing, call the professionals here at Fundamental Cleaning to get your job done effectively, giving you peace of mind.