Look after your Flotex and it will always look as good as new.  Fundamental Cleaning LLC provides complete Flotex care. We are the only company in Greater New York Area who is certified by FORBO to care for their Products.

About Flotex Cleaning

Flotex’s unique flocked construction of short, upright, individual and impermeable nylon fibers and its PVC impervious base prevents liquids and soiling to absorb into the pile or backing. This provides no hiding place for spills and stains.

Being completely waterproof, Flotex is the only truly washable textile floor covering. Flotex’s super dense pile means that it can be cleaned and scrubbed just like standard vinyl floors.

Flotex should be cleaned carefully to avoid leaving residual detergent which then coats and builds up on the nylon fibers, locking in old soil and attracting grime.

Fundamental Cleaning ensures Flotex is cleaned exactly as the manufacturer recommends to ensure the floor performs as expected under many conditions.