At Fundamental Cleaning, we are New Jersey-based stone care technicians that here to meet your stone restoration needs and exceed your expectations, both on time and on budget.

To keep your stone looking it’s best, commercial properties should have a stone maintenance program that is specifically designed for the facility and type of marble, granite or other dimension stone used. We offer a customized maintenance program to help guarantee you will never need to restore your floors again.

Maintenance programs are less expensive than periodic restoration and your facility will always look like new. Our skilled technicians know what it takes to maintain your floors and are accustomed to working in hotels, schools and office buildings where there may be guests, students or clients.

Our commercial maintenance work is often done after your busiest hours of operations are over and the work is complete prior to the start of business the next day. With technicians who are highly trained, insured employees of Fundamental Cleaning you can rest assured your work will be completed with pride, delivering the beautiful floors and surfaces you need.

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